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Congratulations to the women’s national handball team – the Carpati Niro Trophy remained in Romania!

Congratulations to the athletes of the Romanian national women’s handball team, who won the Carpati Niro Trophy tournament, after defeating the Austrian team on Saturday with a score of 41-35 (24-17), in the last match of the competition in Bistriţa. It is a proud moment for all of us who have supported them on this incredible journey. We thank them for the sports show that inspires and fuels our common passion for handball!  

“We congratulate the Romanian women’s handball team, the coaches, trainers, representatives of the federation and all the people who contributed to this success! The Niro Investment Group, as a long-term partner and official sponsor of the Romanian Handball Federation, is honoured to be part of this celebration that celebrates performance, competition, and fair play”, stated Anca Simionescu, General Manager of Niro Investment Group.

The Romanian team ended the Carpati Niro Trophy with three victories – 33-28 against Switzerland, 32-22 against Portugal and 41-35 against Austria. The tournament was a final check before participating in the World Championship in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (November 29-December 17), in which Romania will play in Group E, in Herning (Denmark), and will face Chile (December 1), Serbia (December 3) and Denmark (December 5). Depending on the position in the group, Romania’s next matches will take place on December 7, December 9, and December 11, with the qualified teams from Group F. We wish them good luck!

Romania is the only national team that participated in all 26 editions of the Women’s Handball World Championship.

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Niro Carpati Trophy – We support the national women’s handball team in the test competition for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

Niro Carpati Trophy started with a victory for the Romanian national handball team against Switzerland, with a score of 33-28. The tournament in Bistriţa is a final check before participating in the World Championship in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (November 29-December 17), where Romania will play in Group E, in Herning (Denmark), and will face Chile (1st of December), Serbia (December 3) and Denmark (December 5). Depending on the position in the group, Romania’s next matches will take place on December 7, December 9 and December 11, with the qualified teams from Group F.

Handball is a sport that requires teamwork, strategy and precision, and all of this resonates with the values of Niro Investment Group, which has been an official partner and sponsor of the Romanian Handball Federation since 2016. We closely follow and support the efforts, passion and determination of the athletes on the team Romania’s National Handball Team and we are convinced that we do not just invest in a team, but support the tireless search for excellence, sportsmanship and last but not least – the joy of playing!

NIRO Investment Group has been with the Romanian Handball Federation and athletes throughout many memorable moments, and the collaboration will continue in the coming years.

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Niro Investment Group won the Second Place, the National Award for Large Enterprises, Services category, in the National Top Companies, 2023 edition

Niro Investment Group won the Second Place – National Award for Large Enterprises – Services category – Renting and subletting of own or leased real estate, in the National Top Companies Gala 2023, XXX edition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

As a leading player in the real estate industry, Niro Investment Group sets new standards for excellence and innovation, and our commitment to providing exquisite services has earned us this well-deserved recognition, which is not only a testimony to our achievements, but also a proof of our dedication to our customers, our partners and to the business environment in Romania.

At the heart of Niro Investment Group’s success is the entrepreneurial spirit that has constantly propelled the company to surpass its own achievements. For us, entrepreneurship is more than a trendy word, it is a fundamental value that we respect daily, but above all it is about constantly identifying opportunities, assuming calculated risks, growing and monitoring the business.

We strongly believe in pushing boundaries, in continuously adapting to changing market dynamics and daring to explore new territories and new fields, and as we have continued to evolve and expand, we have realized that entrepreneurial spirit remains our guiding force, which determines us to excel in the competitive landscape of the local business environment. Our path to the National Top of Companies, the 2023 edition reflects the rigorous application of these principles.

The success of Niro Investment Group is equally due to a united and committed team. We are extremely proud of the colleagues who play an integral role in our journey every day, each contributing their skills, knowledge, and dedication to our shared vision. Their hard work, resilience and commitment earned us this award and recognition at the Gala. Success in business comes only through a lot of hard work and this is exactly the message that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania reinforces on the occasion of the National Top of Companies 2023.

Our partners and collaborators have always been at the heart of our business, and our success is closely linked to their satisfaction and success. Their trust and support have allowed us to thrive in a competitive real estate market, and we remain committed to continuing to deliver excellence, as we have always done.

We thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania for this award, which honors us! We congratulate the institution’s representatives for the consistency they show in making this ranking of the most competitive companies in Romania, which was made for the first time 30 years ago!

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Niro Investment Group awarded the Romanian handball champions for exceptional performances

During a press conference organized by Pitesti City Hall, Mioveni City Hall and the Romanian Handball Federation ahead of the Romania-Spain match, the best sport performances of the current competitive season were awarded. After a pause of 28 years, Romania’s national men’s handball team qualified for the 2024 European Handball Championship, and the women’s national handball team qualified for the 2023 World Handball Championship. Against these remarkable performances and in the sign of appreciation for the contribution made to the development of this sport and for the promotion of Romania at international level, Niro Investment Group awarded the two teams a total prize worth 75,000 RON.

“We are proud to be with them in these special moments and we are happy to reward their extraordinary performances. The partnership with the Romanian Handball Federation confirms our commitment to support excellence in handball and the sport development in Romania”, said Valentin Macovescu, Director of Communication, Image and Protocol, Niro Investment Group.

“We would like to offer our appreciations to Niro Investment Group for the consistent support given to Romanian handball. Over the years, Niro financially, morally and logistically supported the preparation of the national handball teams in the best conditions for international competitions, which significantly contributed to achieving the results we are so proud of”, declared Constantin Din, the President of the Federation Romanian Handball.

Niro Investment Group values and encourages performance in all fields, and, as an official partner and sponsor of the Romanian Handball Federation, has been supporting Romanian handball for over a decade, being a partner on their path to performance.

The partnership between Niro Investment Group and the Romanian Handball Federation was renewed and consolidated at the end of last year, by renaming the “Carpathian Trophy” – a traditional event for Romanian handball – to the “Niro Carpathian Trophy”. Also, Niro granted for the year 2023 a financing of approx. 1 million RON for the development of handball in Romania by financing training programs and participation in competitions for the players of the national teams.
Niro Investment Group is engaged in the development of the Romanian economy and supports the local entrepreneurship. The group is also involved in numerous social and charitable projects, contributing to improving the quality of life of communities in Romania.

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Niro supports tennis champions

Niro Investment Group was the partner of the Irina Begu Trophy 2023 tennis tournament that took place in Bucharest, between June 18-25. The singles final of the Irina Begu Trophy (ITF) tennis tournament, hosted by Tennis Club Herăstrău from Bucharest and endowed with total prizes of 15,000 dollars, was disputed between the Romanians Ştefania Bojica and Anca Alexia Todoni, the big trophy being won by Todoni after a remarkable game.

An advocate of Romanian sports for over three decades, Niro Investment Group participated in the event as a partner. During the closing ceremony of the tournament, the awards were handed out by Irina Begu and Valentin Macovescu Director of Communication, Image and Protocol from Niro Investment Group.

“Supporting Romanian performance and sport is an integral part of Niro Investment Group’s values and it is an honor to stand by the Romanian tennis champions,” declared Valentin Macovescu.


Recognition for Niro Investment Group at the „Dezvoltăm România Sustenabil” Gala

In June, at the InterContinental Athénée Palace Bucharest, the „Dezvoltăm Romania Sustenabil” Gala took place, an event that celebrates the contribution of players from different industries of the local economy to the development of a sustainable future for the next generations. The event marked their sustained contribution to building a more sustainable future – for the environment, for people, for the economy. Moreover, the award-winning companies also nominated partners or NGO’s involved in sustainability and social responsibility projects. The gala was opened by the Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests, Mircea Fechet.

Niro Investment Group was represented by Anca Simionescu – Director General of Niro Investment Group – who accepted the trophy for targets achieved within the sustainable development objective – Sustainable cities and communities and awarded, further, the Bookland Association, thus passing on „the torch of of sustainability”. From the Niro Group, the event was also attended by Clitemnestra Gâdea – President of the Board of Directors and Valentin Macovescu – Director of Communication, Image and Protocol.

The Niro Group has undertaken the implementation of an extensive program of sustainable development, in three important directions: environmental, social and economic, rigorously pursuing ecological standards in everything it undertakes.

Clitemnestra Gâdea President of the Board of Directors Niro mentioned: “Our company builds green for the future, builds for future generations, following a long-term strategy. Sustainability is in the DNA of the Niro company and is realized through a business model that reflects continuity, efficiency, positive social and environmental impact.

Niro Investment Group has distinguished itself in the field of sustainability through exceptional care towards the environment, especially in the sector of hotel project development where the company has obtained important certifications in terms of sustainable development.

“What characterizes us now is our ambition to implement a long-term sustainability program. We build, first of all, with a lot of soul, with care – maybe that’s why it takes us more time to complete things, but when we do it, we do it very well”, stated Anca Simionescu, general director of NIRO Investment Group. In addition to the merit recognition diploma, the awardees received an hourglass trophy, as a symbol of the time that the companies have invested and will invest in big projects in the field of sustainability.

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Niro Investment Group and Bucharest Opera Festival: a partnership dedicated to promoting culture and arts

Niro Investment Group continues its series of partnerships with Romania’s most prestigious cultural events. This time, Niro is proud to be the official partner of the second edition of the Bucharest Opera Festival, an exceptional event taking place from June 16th to June 24th, 2023, on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera.

The Bucharest Opera Festival aims to showcase 9 opera, operetta, ballet, and musical shows, scheduled over 9 consecutive evenings, providing the audience with the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary performances by top orchestras, mixed choirs, ballet companies, renowned soloists, and conductors. Seven opera and musical theaters from Romania, Hungary, and Serbia, along with approximately 1,500 musicians, dancers, and artistic and technical staff, will collaborate to create a unique artistic celebration.

From classical works by Mozart, Puccini, and Bizet to Cole Porter’s musicals, Bucharest Opera Festival 2023 offers a fascinating journey through over two centuries of music history. The festival aims to contribute to positioning Bucharest among the leading cities that organize international music festivals.

Through its partnership with Bucharest Opera Festival, Niro Investment Group continues its efforts to support high-quality cultural projects and events that bring joy and emotion to a wide audience, while also contributing to the promotion of Romanian culture nationally and internationally.

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Niro Investment Group joins AIM HIGHER ROMANIA to support excellence in science and technology

Niro Investment Group is one of the main partners of AIM HIGHER ROMANIA, a series of premiere events dedicated to space exploration, science, and technology, taking place in Bucharest from June 11th to 14th, 2023. AIM HIGHER ROMANIA seeks to inspire the local community through the fascinating story of space exploration and contribute to strengthening the relationship between the United States and Romania.

Through diverse and captivating activities over the course of four days, AIM HIGHER ROMANIA aims to bring the public, especially young people, closer to the wonders of space exploration, while highlighting Romania’s role in the Artemis Program, a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency.

 “Through this partnership, Niro Investment Group aims to stimulate innovation, encourage performance and excellence in the fields of technology and space industry, and inspire the younger generation about the career opportunities offered by these innovative domains”, said Clitemnestra Gadea-President of the board of administration Niro Investment S.A.

The first two days will be dedicated to SPACE DAY ROMANIA, an open event where families and students can interact with space heroes, including cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu, the first and only Romanian to reach space, Nicole Stott, NASA astronaut and the 10th woman in the world to venture into space, and Sara Sabry, the first and only astronaut from Africa. The audience can participate in practical space-related activities, aimed at igniting curiosity and interest among young people.

 “I feel it’s important to inspire through the wonder of space exploration and show it’s possible for anyone to find a pathway to a rewarding career in space. One thing I’m especially excited about is that we’ll also be launching a giant art project with Romanian kids and their families. We can’t wait to bring space to Romania.”, Nicole Stott said.

With the support of Niro Investment Group, Nicole Stott will offer to the participants of the Gala which will take place at Intercontinental Athenee Palace on June 14th,  her book, ‘Back to Earth: What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet―And Our Mission to Protect It.’ Mrs. Stott invites readers on a journey that includes stories from her time in space and insights from scientists, activists, and changemakers dedicated to addressing our planet’s greatest environmental challenges.

The second day of the event is dedicated to SPACE & TECH INNOVATION SUMMIT, that provides an exclusive platform for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss space business, investment opportunities, artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion in the technology and space industry.

The highlight of AIM HIGHER ROMANIA is the AIM HIGHER Gala, which celebrates the cooperation between the United States and Romania, the shared vision of pushing the boundaries of space exploration, and Romania’s role in shaping the future of aeronautics and space research.

This event will highlight the remarkable people and beautiful country of Romania while promoting potential career paths in space and technology. The event will also showcase the latest innovations in these fields. I hope that AIM HIGHER will inspire Romanians to be a part of something exciting, especially since nothing like this was organized before. I am proud and excited to bring NASA astronauts to Romania for the very first time”, Oana Tucker, Founder & CEO, OP Global Events, organizer of AIM HIGHER ROMANIA, said.

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Niro Investment Group, recognized for its contribution to promoting Romanian historical values

Niro Investment Group participated last week in the 31st edition of the “Cristian Popișteanu” symposium, an event dedicated to banking history and civilization, organized by the National Bank of Romania and the Magazin Istoric Cultural Foundation. As a traditional partner of the Magazin Istoric Cultural Foundation for over 10 years, Niro Investment Group actively supports historical research, sponsoring and awarding the most important historical research works in the latest editions of the “Cristian Popișteanu” symposium.

At this year’s edition, Niro Investment Group was awarded the Excellence in Patronage Diploma from the Magazin Istoric Cultural Foundation in recognition of its contribution to the development of historical research in Romania.

The “Cristian Popișteanu” symposium is one of the most important events dedicated to banking history and civilization in Romania. Held over two days (May 4-5, 2023) in the Mitiță Constantinescu Hall and the Marble Hall of the National Bank of Romania, the symposium included a series of presentations and debates on the history and evolution of the banking system in Romania.

The event brought together important figures of the academic, banking, and cultural world in Romania, including Mugur Isărescu – Governor of the National Bank of Romania, academician Ion-Aurel Pop – President of the Romanian Academy, Cristian Păunescu – Advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of Romania, and Dorin Matei – Editor-in-Chief of Magazin Istoric magazine.

Niro Investment Group was represented by Valentin Macovescu, Director of Communication, Image, and Protocol, and Ion Badea, Spokesperson.

On the second day of the event, Niro Investment Group awarded the Magazin Istoric Foundation prizes for the most important historical research works of 2022:

  1. NICOLAE TITULESCU: UN MARE ROMÂN, UN MARE EUROPEAN, UN MARE CONTEMPORAN, by George Potra, Cristina Păiuşan şi Dumitru Preda.
  4. CENTENARUL ÎNCORONĂRII. ALBA IULIA 1922, coordinator: Narcis Dorin Ioan.

The prizes represent a recognition of the valuable contribution that these works bring to the Romanian historical research and reflect Niro Investment Group’s commitment to promoting national values and Romania’s historical culture.

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Niro Investment Group joins again the biggest players in the hospitality industry at the TopHotel Conference

Considered the most important annual event in the hospitality sector in Romania, TopHotel Conference & Awards analyzes global trends and their profound impact on the investments and development of the local hotels industry.

This year’s edition, which took place on May 23-24 at the JW Marriott Hotel, was the meeting place for hospitality industry professionals to discuss new trends, analyze existing opportunities and share efficient business strategies. Last but not least, solutions have been identified for the challenges faced by industry professionals in the local hotel market dynamic landscape. Visionary leaders, experienced professionals and local and international investors exchanged valuable ideas during the two days of the event, providing answers to important questions and awarding outstanding projects.

Together with representatives of prestigious hotel brands, Alina Vlădulescu, Deputy Head of Hospitality & Development, Niro Investment Group, participated in the discussion panel on maximizing hotel performance by selecting the optimal partnership model: franchise, management or owner-operator.

The panel provided an excellent opportunity for exploring the pros and cons of different partnership models within the hospitality industry. Participants brought to the fore diverse perspectives based on their valuable industry experience and came up with innovative solutions and ideas for achieving optimal performance in hotel operations.