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Niro Investment Group awarded for diversification of the investment portfolio of a company with Romanian capital, at the ZF Gala 2022, the most important business event in Romania

Ziarul Financiar, the most important business publication in Romania, organized on Thursday, November 24, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the ZF 2022 Gala, its yearly landmark event. The Gala, that also celebrated 24 years of existence for ZF, recognized the most valuable companies in Romania, also awarding a series of special prizes to companies that stood out through their performances in various fields.

Partner of the event, Niro Investment Group joined the champions of business performance, being awarded for diversification of the investment portfolio of a company with Romanian capital, a prize that rewards the efforts and exceptional results of the Group which has not only consolidated its business over the years, but also expanded and diversified its activity both at national and international level.

Anca Simionescu, General Manager of Niro Investment Group, received the award on behalf of the company and conveyed a message from the entire Niro team:

“We are very proud of this award, some of my colleagues are here tonight. We see this award as a recognition of the course of our company, which started as a small family business in 1993, and during three decades we managed to become a strong investment group with a vast portfolio. We are deeply Romanian, we are a company with 100% Romanian capital, we have values ​​and we believe in the Romanian economy. We want to put Romania on the international map and we want to be able to do it in the shortest possible time.”

Along with Niro, Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania, Mercedes-Benz Romania, BCR, CEC Bank, Samsung Romania, Profi, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Roca Investments also received special awards.

This year, the special guest of the ZF Gala was Ian Goldin, professor at the Department of Globalization and Development at Oxford University, who discussed how the Western world will look after the current global economic and political crisis, about the trends that will mark the next decade, as well as about Romania’s place and role in the current and future global context.

About NIRO Social

NIRO Investment Group joined children on their special day

With the support of NIRO Investment Group, DGASPC Sector 2 organized on June 1, in the Tei Amusement Park, a special event on the occasion of the International Children’s Day.

In a setting specific to the magical world of childhood, among special musical moments, skits, folk and sports dances, martial arts, gymnastics, children demonstrated their skills by participating in creative workshops. They competed in making wooden dolls, created bracelets and necklaces from beads, drew, painted and tried to dance and sing with the “actors” on stage. Thousands of balloons, cotton candy clouds, many smiles on the happy faces of dwarfs and adults brightly colored Children’s Day.

The representatives of NIRO Investment Group, Mrs. Mihaela Istrate and Mr. Ion Badea offered prizes to the children who participated in the creative competitions. For everyone, the Tei Amusement Park was a childhood scene on June 1st.

Together with the specialists of DGASPC Sector 2, “Inimi Deschise” Foundation, OMIS Association, Public Domain Administration Sector 2, Local Police Sector 2, Social Ambulance and the General Police Directorate of Bucharest were also involved in this event.


“I’ll help!” answered NIRO Investment Group

Enhancing values, we are building the future! is the philosophy of NIRO Investment Group, hence the involvement in the “Ajut eu!” – “I’ll help!” campaign came naturally, according to the principles that guided the entire activity of the company since the beginning.

Yasmin, a big-hearted girl, a person who doesn’t judge and doesn’t complain, who loves and gives without expecting anything in return is the first therapist with Down Syndrome who helps autist children. Yasmin is a model to us all.

Vlăduț is 19 years old and a student at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty. He wishes to be able to see a specialist doctor, to have sturdy shoes for winter and money to buy books for school.

Răzvan Mogâldea is an exceptional young man who managed to have very good academic results all by himself and dreams about becoming a judge one day.

Ionel Petrea is a winner acting within the social services system, a person who only asks for help just to be able to help others and who dedicates his time to protect children’s education and health. One of his projects is opening the social cafeteria at Margina school, which will be able to feed 20 pupils coming from poor families. He already enlisted the help of the Local Council Timiș for the personnel and equipment costs. He only needed around 6.000 Euro more for the proper functioning of the cafeteria for six months.

NIRO Investment Group said I’ll help! to all of them and encourages them to continue their endeavours and not to be afraid to dream big. We congratulate them and wish their dreams will come true!



NIRO Investment Group supported as a main partner one of the most important humanitarian events: the City of Good Deeds, organized by Radio ZU and the Capital City Hall through Creart, between December 15-21, in the University Square in Bucharest.

During Christmas season, Radio ZU became the platform that unites people in need with those who can fulfill them, through the City of Good Deeds. With the experience already gained in the social projects in which it has been involved, NIRO Group Investment joins, supports and encourages this project that essentializes both the spirit of the holidays and the company’s principles: the joy of being close to loved ones and the generosity that transforms destinies.

In the context of this partnership and the celebration of 25 years of activity – 25 years of good deeds, Niro launched the campaign “We support values, we support the future”. Together with institutional partners and the St. Peter’s Foundation, the Niro Group will identify the stories of 25 talented children with good learning outcomes that it will support in this mentoring program for 10 years. The 25 children will join the NIRO family from the moment of selection until the end of school; they will be advised and supported throughout the education and, depending on individual needs, will be financially assisted with school supplies, clothing and footwear, etc.

Niro wants to mark its 25th anniversary by celebrating in the spirit of a united Romania, first and foremost through Good Deeds – because a community retains its hope and strength, especially when there is involvement, action and tangible results. This is what we want to contribute actively and in the long term for those who need support. In order to see a real change, we believe it is important to continue our help beyond the holiday season. We want our good deeds and the support of our values to reach the right people at the right time, which also means a long-term commitment “, said Mr. Florin Suicescu.

Hand in hand, we make Romania good!