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The Year of the Wood Dragon – Celebrated at the Bucharest National Opera

NIRO Investment Group, the Romanian-Chinese House Association and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Romania, organized an extraordinary Cultural Gala last night to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The event was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Romania, local authorities, businessmen, art and culture, representatives of the Chinese community in Romania.

Held at the Bucharest National Opera, the event began with a grand concert by the orchestra of the Bucharest National Opera, which had Damian Drăghici as a special guest and performed emblematic musical compositions of Romanian culture. Among them are the Romanian Rhapsody no. 1, signed by George Enescu, the Ballade for violin and orchestra, composed by maestro Ciprian Porumbescu, as well as Hora Staccato, an unmistakable creation of Grigoraș Dinicu.

The outstanding performance continued with the appearance of the Allegretto Children’s Choir on stage, and the traditional Chinese moment of the Gala was expressed by the impressive performance of the Artist Troupe from Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. The show also held exhibitions of fine arts and crafts originating from Quanzhou, accompanied by exciting live performances, an exquisite display of Quanzhou traditional costumes, martial arts, puppet show and more. The show was followed by an impressive display of fireworks, which crowned an evening dedicated to hope, joy, and friendship.

Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most notable holidays in Chinese culture and other Asian communities, marking the beginning of a new year in the Chinese lunar calendar. This festivity is associated with renewal, prosperity, and well-being. In the Chinese calendar, the year 2024 belongs to a special paradigm, being the Year of the Wood Dragon, considered the most noble and powerful Chinese zodiac sign. It is revered as a symbol of courage, success, and wisdom, associated with wealth and happiness.

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Magical Winter Concert 2023 – The extraordinary power of music to transmit emotions

Music has the unique ability to shape, connect and inspire communities. With this conviction, I accepted the opportunity to support, as the main partner, the 13th edition of the “Magic Winter” concert, a musical celebration that has become a landmark of Bucharest’s cultural life.

Held at the Romanian Athenaeum, the concert was supported by the Royal Chamber Orchestra, conducted by the distinguished conductor Cristian Mandeal. The stage was endowed with a repertoire to match, including compositions by musicians such as Gioachino Rossini, Johann Strauss, Georges Bizet, Antonín Dvořák and other illustrious musicians.

The concert was a truly spectacular one, a true display of virtuosity, passion, and a clear proof of the extraordinary ability of the Royal Chamber Orchestra to transform musical notes into emotions – joy, melancholy, pure happiness. The harmony created by the musicians was not only heard, but felt, as further evidence of the transformative power of music.

Thank you to the Royal Chamber Orchestra and distinguished conductor Cristian Mandeal for a musical journey that exceeded all expectations, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of those lucky enough to attend the concert! This event reinforced our conviction that music is a timeless language that has the ability to unite, inspire and shape communities.

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Niro Investment Group and Bucharest Opera Festival: a partnership dedicated to promoting culture and arts

Niro Investment Group continues its series of partnerships with Romania’s most prestigious cultural events. This time, Niro is proud to be the official partner of the second edition of the Bucharest Opera Festival, an exceptional event taking place from June 16th to June 24th, 2023, on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera.

The Bucharest Opera Festival aims to showcase 9 opera, operetta, ballet, and musical shows, scheduled over 9 consecutive evenings, providing the audience with the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary performances by top orchestras, mixed choirs, ballet companies, renowned soloists, and conductors. Seven opera and musical theaters from Romania, Hungary, and Serbia, along with approximately 1,500 musicians, dancers, and artistic and technical staff, will collaborate to create a unique artistic celebration.

From classical works by Mozart, Puccini, and Bizet to Cole Porter’s musicals, Bucharest Opera Festival 2023 offers a fascinating journey through over two centuries of music history. The festival aims to contribute to positioning Bucharest among the leading cities that organize international music festivals.

Through its partnership with Bucharest Opera Festival, Niro Investment Group continues its efforts to support high-quality cultural projects and events that bring joy and emotion to a wide audience, while also contributing to the promotion of Romanian culture nationally and internationally.