Involvement and support of art and cultural events and initiatives represent a constant undertaking of NIRO Investment Group, often recognized at the highest level. These efforts underline our commitment to supporting and promoting the cultural and historical values of Romania. Last week, our company was honored to receive the Diploma of Excellence for Patronage from the Cultural Foundation "Magazin Istoric," a recognition that highlights our continuous dedication to culture and history. The distinction was awarded during the 32nd edition of the Cristian Popişteanu Symposium of Banking History and Civilization, a prestigious event hosted by the National Bank of Romania.

Additionally, we were honored to actively contribute to the recognition of merits in historical research through our colleague Valentin Macovescu, Director of Communication, Image, and Protocol at NIRO Investment Group. Valentin had the pleasure of presenting two of the Cultural Foundation "Magazin Istoric" awards for the most significant contributions in historical research in 2023. These awards were given to His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador Viorel Isticioaia-Budura for the work "Seasons in Asia" and to Mrs. Anca Otu for the work "Two Neighboring Nations: Romania and Finland. Romanian-Finnish Relations (1917-1947). A View from Bucharest." The recognition of these works highlights the importance of rigorous historical research and the valuable contribution these authors make to the knowledge and understanding of the past.

The Banking History and Culture Symposium, named after the renowned Romanian historian and publicist Cristian Popişteanu, has been organized annually since 1993 by the National Bank of Romania, in collaboration with the Romanian Banking Association and the Cultural Foundation "Magazin Istoric." This event is a landmark in Romania's cultural and scientific calendar, bringing together historians, researchers, and personalities from various fields to discuss and promote historical knowledge and cultural values. Active participation and support of this symposium reflect the firm commitment of NIRO Investment Group to support cultural initiatives and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Romania's historical heritage.

Through these actions, NIRO Investment Group not only supports culture and history but also assumes the role of a catalyst in the development and dissemination of knowledge, strengthening the links between the past, present, and future. This continuous involvement is a testament to our fundamental values and our dedication to contributing to the development of a society aware of the importance of its cultural and historical heritage.