NIRO Investment Group and Damian Drăghici have joined forces in "Romania of 10" project - an emotional incursion into the space of Romanian culture and traditions.

NIRO Investment Group supports cultural projects and important publishing projects for the history of Romania. We are honored to be part of the “Romania of 10” project of the beloved Damian Drăghici, a perfect musician, who can combine various and numerous musical styles in a sophisticated audio ensemble.

Within the “Romania of 10” project, ten videos were filmed in which the master Damian Drăghici and his special guests - well-known artists from Romania - reinterpret the traditional Romanian music and art, having as background picturesque landscapes from various regions of the country. His guests include soloist Irina Rimes, actors Bebe Cotimanis and Gruia Sandu.

"We are honored to collaborate with Master Damian Draghici and we are glad that we were able to contribute to the creation of this exciting project, especially in this special year, when the pandemic forced us to isolate and many cultural initiatives were canceled or revised drastically. We hope that unique soundtracks of Master Draghici and the talent of his guests will help us to discover in a pleasant and original way the beauties of Romania and to reconnect to the authentic traditions and values of this nation ", said Zsolt Nagy, CEO of NIRO Investment Group.

Damian Drăghici and Irina Rimes created a story based on the lyrics of Vasile Alecsandri. "Iancu's Ballad" and "Doina" that were adorned with the beautiful sounds of the panpipe, the guitar chords and the intensity of the drums. The artist’s performance was made against the background of beautiful landscapes in Romania, such as Racoş Volcano, Viscri village and Mercheaşa village, to the oldest oak in Romania.