Niro Investment Group won the Second Place, the National Award for Large Enterprises, Services category, in the National Top Companies, 2023 edition

Niro Investment Group won the Second Place - National Award for Large Enterprises - Services category - Renting and subletting of own or leased real estate, in the National Top Companies Gala 2023, XXX edition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

As a leading player in the real estate industry, Niro Investment Group sets new standards for excellence and innovation, and our commitment to providing exquisite services has earned us this well-deserved recognition, which is not only a testimony to our achievements, but also a proof of our dedication to our customers, our partners and to the business environment in Romania.

At the heart of Niro Investment Group's success is the entrepreneurial spirit that has constantly propelled the company to surpass its own achievements. For us, entrepreneurship is more than a trendy word, it is a fundamental value that we respect daily, but above all it is about constantly identifying opportunities, assuming calculated risks, growing and monitoring the business.

We strongly believe in pushing boundaries, in continuously adapting to changing market dynamics and daring to explore new territories and new fields, and as we have continued to evolve and expand, we have realized that entrepreneurial spirit remains our guiding force, which determines us to excel in the competitive landscape of the local business environment. Our path to the National Top of Companies, the 2023 edition reflects the rigorous application of these principles.

The success of Niro Investment Group is equally due to a united and committed team. We are extremely proud of the colleagues who play an integral role in our journey every day, each contributing their skills, knowledge, and dedication to our shared vision. Their hard work, resilience and commitment earned us this award and recognition at the Gala. Success in business comes only through a lot of hard work and this is exactly the message that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania reinforces on the occasion of the National Top of Companies 2023.

Our partners and collaborators have always been at the heart of our business, and our success is closely linked to their satisfaction and success. Their trust and support have allowed us to thrive in a competitive real estate market, and we remain committed to continuing to deliver excellence, as we have always done.

We thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania for this award, which honors us! We congratulate the institution's representatives for the consistency they show in making this ranking of the most competitive companies in Romania, which was made for the first time 30 years ago!