Niro is a partner of the Nocturnes of Contemporary Poetry project organized by the non-profit association ARCEN and held in Bucharest, between July 31 and September 5.

The festival offers to those passionate about urban culture a unique series of events dedicated to contemporary poetry, which takes place during the summer on the most central roof in Bucharest - the terrace of the Magheru One block.

"These cultural initiatives are extremely important for the city - through culture and art we keep our spirit alive, we benefit from what it means to have quality recreation, we get closer to our loved ones by sharing common passions and we take the pulse of the city that goes on. Our company is supporting artists and associations that are currently reinventing themselves and making a huge effort to provide a constructive context in which the creative spirit can manifest itself, ”said Zsolt Nagy, CEO of Niro.

Under the slogan - We cannot be healthy, if we are not happy, the series of events offers a unique experience for the city: outdoors reading, night, experimental scenery, and selection of songs by DJs who climb with poets and audiences above the city means living in a special state of mind that supports creativity.

The sixth edition of the event started on Friday, July 31, 2020, starting with 19.00, on the terrace of the Magheru One block in Bucharest.

This year's edition brings to the public the largest selection of established writers and poets, premiere readings from unpublished volumes and dialogues between poets moderated by Răzvan Ţupa. The nineteen writers who will be present at this year's Nocturnes are: Florin Iaru, Radu Niţescu, Mina Decu, Răzvan Andrei, Gelu Diaconu, Miruna Vlada, Mitoş Micleuşanu, Claudiu Komartin, Teona Galgoţiu, Ionel Ciupureanu, Răzvan Dupuna, Te , Simona Popescu, Mihok Tamas, Andrei Dosa, Ştefan Manasia, Sorin Gherguţ, Adela Greceanu and Anastasia Gavrilovici.

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