Owned by the strongest companies of the group, NIRO Investment SA and Dragonul Roşu SA, the logistic and commercial centre was opened in 1993.

Since its establishment, the commercial centre has become well known all over the country as the main source of low-cost products that meet the demand of low and very low-income people.

Located 10 minutes from the center of the Capital, with direct access to the main railway and road routes, Dragonul Roşu today is the largest logistics and commercial hub in Europe. Built on 60 hectares, with 10 pavilions, over 5,000 stores, logistics and storage spaces, Dragonul Roşu hosts over 20,000 customers daily.

The companies which operate within the Dragonul Roşu Commercial and Logistic Area sell their products to clients in both Romania and neighbouring countries: the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, the countries of the former Yugoslavia and, more recently, Greece, Austria and the Czech Republic.

For more details: https://www.dragonulrosu.ro