Since January 2012, the Romanian-Chinese House publishes the magazine "Casa Prieteniei", which promotes information of the association's activity, articles and news about the events organized together with the Chinese Embassy, ​​press materials of great interest from the Romanian media and major China news agencies and portals.

“Casa Prieteniei” magazine also oversees documentary studies on the bilateral relations between Romania and China, as well as translations of important Chinese literature works.

For more than ten years, The Balkans and Europe Publishing House has been publishing magazines and books. Amongst the titles of the books printed and distributed by the publishing house we mention: “The living history of the Romanian communities in the world as presented in the news”, “The public-private partnership and its social implications”, “Romani Elite”, “A life among newspapers - people, shadows and ghosts”, “Crazy things Brand 2006”, “Walking on the wire”, “The mysteries of the Romanian Revolution”, “There is a secret of celebrity”, “The spark of youth”, “Believe in dreams”, “Going with the times”, “Miracles”, “Ceauşescu - the last 100 bad days”, “The journalist and the fascination of the moment”.

The Zona Balcanilor company publishes the news and opinion magazine "Balcanii şi Europa", that aims to offer its readers an objective, fair and impartial point of view on the development of relations between the Balkan countries and ancient Europe. The magazine seeks to assess the political, economic, and social situation, being a platform for public diplomacy and international cooperation.

The magazine has a wide distribution: Presidency, Government of Romania, Ministries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament, foreign embassies accredited in Bucharest Romania and Romanian embassies accredited in Balkan countries, business associations, bilateral chambers of commerce, large foreign and Romanian entrepreneurs, banks and financial-banking institutions, higher education forums, non-governmental associations, large hotels, airlines, sports federations, cultural institutions, media, foreign press correspondents, and so on.

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