NIRO Investment Group has initiated, developed, and maintained a unique multicultural community in the European landscape. Through an active and sustained involvement for almost three decades, our company has managed to make a decisive contribution to the current configuration of the multicultural landscape in the south-eastern region of Europe
From the beginning, NIRO Investment Group has supported many initiatives and projects in the field of public diplomacy, such as:
  • Sponsorship of the Bucharest Forum 2014 – an event organized by Aspen Institute Romania.
  • Sponsorship of Mr. George Friedman Conference - President of STRATFOR, event which took place at the National Bank of Romania, in 2013.
  • Sponsorship of Sergiu Celibidache 100 Festival, in 2012.
  • Sponsorship of the BNR “The European Union after the Sovereign Debt Crisis” Conferencein2011, having as guests of honour Viscount Etienne Davignon - President of Bilderberg Group and Mr. Richard N. Haass - Chairman of the Council for Foreign Relations.
  • Sponsorship of the Romanian Association of Baltic and Nordic Studies and of the association’s quarterly magazine, Valahia University, Târgovişte, since 2011.
  • Full funding of the activity of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Bucharest starting with 2011.
  • Sponsorship of the Romanian-Chinese House Association, since 2011.
  • Construction and support for the restoration of Romanian churches in Brussels – Belgium, Baden Baden – Germany and Nice – France.
  • Funding the production and publishing of the works in the series “Romania –Survival and Affirmation through Diplomacy during the Cold War”.
  • Funding the publication of the paper "Romania in the UN Security Council", launched at the UN headquarters in New York.
  • Funding the Association of Ambassadors and Career Diplomats from Romania for the editing of Volume IV in the series “Pages from the Romanian Diplomacy” 2012.
  • Sponsoring the Association of Ambassadors and Career Diplomats from Romania for the editing of Volume III in the series “Pages from Romanian Diplomacy” 2011.
  • Sponsoring the publishing of the quarterly journal of the Romanian Association of Baltic and Nordic Studies.
  • Sponsoring the “Geopolitics” Journal of Ion Conea Geopolitics Association, a publication of political geography, geopolitics and geostrategy.
  • Sponsoring volumes of memories of former Romanian diplomats.
  • Financing the work “History of Latvia” edited by the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, 2014.
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